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a passionate repentance

On Sidingitis, and Tea Tree Oil.

On Sidingitis, and Tea Tree Oil.

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may God stand
First off, so you know, people are working on my house, putting up siding.

This involves people walking around and pounding on the walls a lot. I don't mind. I'm paying for the priviledge (we're paying eighteen thousand, a figure that boggles my mind.). I don't mind the people talking outside, though it's kind of creepy to hear myself being referred to. The saw, though..the saw runs at a frequency used by dentist drills and dogs in pain. It makes me wince just to hear it being mentioned.

Also..there are people walking by my windows at all hours. Not a bad thing per se, but some of my curtains are sheerish, to let in light, and it feels strange. Also when I am getting in to take a shower (as in I have just closed the bathroom window so I do not have to witness your shirtless glory), that is NOT THE TIME to knock on my door!

Finally, I will be deeply, personally, whole heartedly glad when this is over. The siding looks clean and white (my husband's idea but there you are) and I'll be pleased not to have to paint the house so often.

In other news..spring has sprung. Which means that mold and fungus are everywhere. Including on *me*..a distressing phenomenon. I am using tea tree oil which is working wonderfully. But oh, Christ on toast, but it *stinks*. Not like something rotten, but aggressively medicinal. I think the sheer *smell* drives the fungi away. Whatever. It works, I can wear my shoes without itching, and my ears don't ache.
  • To me, tea tree oil smells like childhood memories. True, it's how I remember disinfectant (demerol or something like that?) smelling when I was little, but I still kinda like it.

    What I can't explain is why fruit loops taste like childhood memories; I don't remember eating them while I lived in Australia.
  • We use tea tree oil a lot too. I don't mind the smell, although it gets a bit overpowering in ther classroom when all the kids have their hair treated with it, acos word went around that spraying their hair with tea tree oil repels headlice. Well. It *would* wouldn't it......
  • Just for siding?! Hell, give me half that much money and I'll do it for free!
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