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a passionate repentance

The Inevitability of Solder

The Inevitability of Solder

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may God stand
I got a book on jewlry making with wire. That started it. Then there were the books on making chains. And now a book that was probably made in the fifties about making scroll method jewelry. Which brings up the fact that sooner or later I'm going to need to learn to solder.

I don't want to really. Fire scares the crap outta me. And I don't want to set the place on fire, or my hair on fire or anything like that. I've got a butane pencil torch I haven't even taken out of the package. It's such a tiny thing I don't know how well it's going to do it's job.

Yet I'm excited too. I want to make jewelry I'd like to wear. If someone wants to buy it after that, all to the good...but it's got to be something I'd want to wear first.

I'm concentrating on trivialities. Yeah..the world is going to hell. But how can I help any of that if I go nuts too?

I used to think I could change the world. I think now that you *can't* change the world. Not until you change yourself first. God but that sounds like pop psychology crap.

Eeek! Gotta go. The Husbandman is home.
  • Hey, found ya through Pooka's journal. I've been pondering lately learning to make wire jewlery. Could you give me the name of the book you bought? I'd like to read up on it before I go blow cash and screw up.
  • "Fine Wire Jewelry" By Irene Peterson. Very nice stuff, not all that complicated to get started. I just want to do different things. I think I paid fifteen bucks for the book. Worth every red cent too.
  • Don't have any loose hair or clothing, read the instructions carefully, watch where you aim the flame and have a fireproof bit of workspace (a little board of nonflammable material will do fine).

    (Ok ok, so I gave my right pinky a second degree burn the first time I soldered a pair of glasses. Big deal :) )
  • soldering be mucho fun! used to solder a lot in school, making stupid circuits that made lights flash. and light detectors. and other dumb stuff. then we'd make jewelry from solder and leftover wire (red and green and yellow!!) and paper clips and stuff. but soldering is safe and very fun, if you respect your equipment and don't poke it at people...

    make solder blobs! drip it lal over and make purty lille beads!

  • It takes time to work up to using something that involves fear with its use. Just... take one step at a time, practice, using all the good safety tips already given and just don't point it at your face. heh... joke. Sorry.

    Take it slow, learn to get comfortable with it at your pace and I think you'll be pleasantly surprised and happy with the results.
  • You are so cool. I mean, you're cool anyway, but doing all that just increases the coolness.

    Soldering is fun and easy. You just need a third hand sometimes. It won't make anything burst into flames, but you can keep a bucket of water at hand just in case if you want. My dad used some special, dense sponge that he kept soaked with water to tuck against the iron rest so if it fell off, it'd just go sizzle.

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