Koinonia (koinonia) wrote,

Okay, on one hand, the cable is out. No TV this weekend. And there is supposed to be some nasty weather this weekend. So no computer either.

Also there's a problem with the work permit for the siding. Or rather SOMEONE has a problem with a work permit, since the address on the code violation notice isn't ours.

Also. Had to put money in the account. Also had to eat cold rice. I don't *like* cold rice. It might be someone's comfort food but it's not mine. It's like eating packing peanuts.

Hmm. The rest of the week looks fairly okay if not too too busy. I don't have a clue where the heck the twenty pounds of soywax I paid for is. Or if it's even been sent yet. That ticks me off. Seriously.

I have scents..I need to get colors, I should have organic cotton wicks coming and I have molds coming too..or should do.

On the plus side, I'm still alive. I have some tea tree which stinks like heck, but I presume it's doing me good. Anything that smells this bad has GOT to be doing me good. Also I got my box from Darkswan. Nummy lovely scents for making candles (with the soy wax I don't yet have) and soap soap soap and the heavy cream for the back of my legs and the pressure sores. Yaaay, it's all nice and whipped up fluffy so it goes on smoothly. And it smells good.

I guess you count your blessings where you find 'em.
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