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a passionate repentance

I want to cry

I want to cry

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may God stand
I feel so angry and so helpless.

There are so many things I didn't know and I'm learning NOW.

The Abu Ghraib scandal was reported on and those reports were sent to the White House in February. Yet they hadn't even been *read* by the Pentagon until recently?

Wounded military personnel, both soldiers and reservists were kept on 'medical hold' in Fort Stewart, Georgia, in concrete rooms, without airconditioning, or indoor plumbing. They were there from four to six weeks before they were evaluated. Soldiers can get a slightly smaller room with air conditioning and indoor plumbing if THEY pay ten dollars a day for it.

The Army and the Air Force have been accused of not doing medical exams to check for certain preconditions before sending troops into battle. The suicide rate on the battlefield is thirty times what it is here in America.

President Bush has never been to a single military funeral honoring the casualties in Iraq.

When a DC reservist died in Iraq, the President did not attend the funeral and did not even communicate with the reservist's parents.

When the President visited Fort Stewart, he visited returning soldiers, and ignored the wounded men in another building.

Funding has been cut for schools near bases, for VA benefits,for life insurance for the military and for pay. Some soldiers' incomes are so low that they don't even qualify for the Bush per-child tax credit.

The worst of the prison abuse photos haven't been SEEN yet.

I'm ashamed. And sick. And sad. I don't claim to be anything or anyone but who I am..a moderately liberal, moderately pacifistic kid whose father was in the military, and who saw her father go to Vietnam.

I'm ashamed of what our country is doing.
  • And yet Bush is still leading in the election polls.

    (Not that we don't have similar situation here -current poll leader is leading regardless of what stupidities he says or what monstrosities are announced about him. Democratic inertia is a terrible thing)
  • When the time comes...

    I'm going to do my part to get Bush out of office. The man is now useless to this country, to the world, to humanity.
  • I completely understand and empathize with that sick feeling. I was listening to NPR this morning and they were doing a story about a reservist up on charges for aiding and abetting. I said to hubbydude "Is it me or is this war bringing out the worst in Americans?" He felt the same way.

    I simply can't fathom how anyone could support this administraiton when they have done such terrible things to our troops.
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