Koinonia (koinonia) wrote,

I forgot a ghost story that Steve told. He said his sister and he were visiting--he'd gone up to Tennessee to see her, and she'd taken him out to dinner. Her son was home with a cell phone. They had little numerical codes in case there was a problem, beeps for S.O.S, and so forth. Well, she was eating when the phone kept ringing. It was the code for S.O.S. She thought it was just an attempt to get her attention and she kept on eating. However, it kept ringing and ringing. Finally Steve convinced her to go home and check on the boy. The phone was still ringing. When she came home she found that the boy was asleep and had been all evening, while the cell phone was in another room. Still ringing.

I am increasingly convinced that it is possible to care too much. That it's not just how much passion you feel but how you channel it that makes the difference. That you have to choose your methods as carefully as you choose your goals. Maybe more so.

Of course..I reserve the right not to be called a hypocrite if I don't always do that.

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