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a passionate repentance

Oh, My God, It's Morning.

Oh, My God, It's Morning.

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may God stand
I am up at eight thirty in the morning. This is definitely not natural. It is not traditional for me. It's just not *right.*

Yet, here I am..and I'm more amazed that I didn't have trouble sleeping last night.

Only to discover one hundred and thirty three messages in my email box, most of them from TEUNC. And while I understand that feelings run high..wow. I trasked a lot of them. I hope people understand. I'm too old and too grumpy for this any more.

I have no idea what to do now. My internal clock is so off, it's not funny. I could go exercise but that would be the responsible, adult thing to do.

Hell with that.

I have breakfasted on green tea and fig newtons--something I don't recommend to anyone, ever. And I need to go grocery shopping but my husband has the car, and we need a lot more groceries than I can carry home without flipping over the wheelchair, if I hit a bump.

Blah. There's housecleaning, I suppose.

Oh, God, going back to bed does sound good. But I can't. I have an opportunity to live like Normal People do. I can't mess that up.

On the plus side..I actually have my stuff for mother's day all set up. So..it's good. I think. Sunday, at my mother's.

I am overwhelmed by the realization ..by the recollection? Of just how many *good* people there are out in cyberspace.

Thank you,all of you. I'd name you, but in truth, I don't want to open the privacy can of worms. Thank you for showing me so many things. And for being.

"You must find the ineffable within you. What you cannot describe nor utter, you can at least know. It is that which will light your way."-Baemer, "The Eleusinian Mystery"
  • I have breakfasted on green tea and fig newtons

    What are those? It's second time today I see this name, and I've never heard of it before. My mind visualizes strangest things (exotic fruits shaped as little XVIIth century physicists? or vice versa?)
    • I only know one way to answer that question

      I have breakfasted on green tea and fig newtons

      What are those?

  • Fig newtons are little cakes, with a cakelike outside, and fig preserves inside. Hideously sweet. And only a woman as desperate as myself to avoid going to the grocery store would eat them. But it was that or eating toast, and I had toast yesterday for breakfast.
  • What time do you usually wake up?

    I didn't have a traditional breakfast this morning either. I made homemade egg drop soup. It tasted rather yummy...
    • I am usually a very late-night person. I like night time. I like the quiet, and the fact that most everyone has gone to bed. I like the feeling that I'm out and about while people live their secret dream lives. And in Florida, the mimosa and the night-blooming jasmine smell sweetest at night, so I can breathe in air as sweet as candy.
  • Mrrrowwwrrr. Nice picture.
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