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a passionate repentance

On Reconsideration

On Reconsideration

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may God stand
On close consideration of the factses, I think it's probably dangerous to let me post in LJ today, and that no one is allowed to give me anything sharper than a spork. Thank you. I am going to find my binky and lie down until the madness passes.

If anybody asks, I shall be in my bunker.
  • Goes to lay rose petals and peppermint sticks in homage in front of the bunker door. Poor darling dear. There there. Izzums gonna be awwight?
  • Do you have a nice soft safe padded cell in your bunker where I can hide, too?

    Nothing is ditching this headache, and I'm about to kill the next child that gets loud.
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      • Thanks for speaking up

        Thank you! I just haven't been sleeping well, and unfortunately I opened my mouth and stuck my foot in it. I'm not going off to pout, more like..taking myself away from the scene of the crash before I do more damage.
        I feel bad for being rude to Oje, though.

        I thought your post was reasonably civil, if off the cuff.
        Now, what I posted just now, that was in the heat of passion. :sigh:

        Heh. But perhaps it's not bad thing that Nice GuysTM show a little backbone now and again.

        Uh, well, if I wasn't so used to these blokes sounding off, I could be affronted by some of the things *he* said too...

        :hugs: to you both.
        Nikki, Gran, have I ever told you how much I appreciate you both?
        Really. Not just for your support, but just for having the guts to speak up.

        And BTW, I've contacted D6 privately to clear the air.
        It's going pretty well.

        Now, do you have any opinions on what (or whether) teunc should be renamed to? Supposing, that is, that we keep all the unsubbed people and start accepting non-YG people?

        I'm torn between using a rename token as koinonia has done before and getting a new LJ. On the one hand, we don't have to fix links or move posts; on the other, teunc will (AFAIK) be open to cybersquatting. Perhaps I should rename and then re-create a blank teunc p6inting to the official group (YG).

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