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a passionate repentance

Objecting to objections.

Objecting to objections.

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may God stand
Disney won't show Michael Moore's film about Bush. I'm not sure why Michael Moore's particularly surprised about that, Disney is not known world wide as a risk-taker. I am annoyed and ashamed that the Sinclair group won't show the Nightline program that honors the dead of Iraq..even if it's only the American dead. I don't know why the Reagans get to avoid being skewered on TV, when everyone else is not exempt.

(deep breathing)

On the other hand, I have a book on making jewelry as a business, and I have a bottle of lotus absolute, which smells so good, it's like dying and going to heaven. And I don't know whether it's diluted (probably) or not, but it smells so good I don't think I care. I'm stretching muscles that haven't been stretched in years, and learning things I didn't know, and I hope..I hope it all holds.

I sometimes feel like that line in "Idylls of the King" where Arthur's throne is described as being made of ice, and floating in a summer sea. I feel as if I stand on something very very fragile, and always shifting, and I don't always know how to shift *with* it. Part of me insists that I have to just trust the process, but part of me is always tensed for the fall.

This moment, though..this moment is good. With soup waiting for me, and sweet sweet smells on my fingers, and the sounds of the bird picking through his food for tastier bits in the background. Maybe that's all there is. Moments, and change. And you look back to a moment and say "That was good, why didn't I enjoy it more?" Or you realize that being happy is in part anticipating *more* happiness.

I wonder why being content is so difficult?
  • Great expectations

    I wonder why being content is so difficult?</b It gets better with age......... we expect less.. :-)(and not so guilty about doing "nothing")
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