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a passionate repentance

Shock And Awe.

Shock And Awe.

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may God stand
They showed pictures of the abused and humiliated Iraqi prisoners on the news night before last. And I was just sick. I'd like to say "How the hell could this happen" and "Normal people don't do this" but normal people *did* do this.

There's no real difference between one of those guards and myself, but opportunity, and time. They were there, they made the choice, and they made the wrong choice. People suffered for it, and now more people suffer for it. I'd love to say "Oh, I'd never do that" but how do I know it for sure? How do I know that I'd have the moral integrity to stand up even if I was scared or being threatened, and speak out for what I believe? I don't know.

Now and then I think "I'm ashamed to be an American". And then I feel like a coward. It's not wrong to be American. What is being *done* is wrong. I believe the war is wrong. I believe that Bush is wrong. I believe that we have done wrong things. But I also believe with all my heart that being American isn't wrong. I am not Bush. I share in the blame for the choices he made because I put him there in office. I share in the blame for the war because I didn't do more to stop it, to protest it, when I could have. I don't think I have to be ashamed to be American.

Now the good part. I got this link through my natural perfumery Yahoo group. It's got the most AMAZING pictures. They're beautiful and surreal and delicate and abstract and natural all at once. They're micrographs of the tissue and orifices for fragrant oil of herbs and spices. The article is here:


It's got some six or seven micrographs. I don't know if you like plants and things, but it's so pretty I think you'd like it, Jereeza. I really do. And you too, Mom!
And especially you, Mia! And..er..everybody. Really.
  • Well, _I_ don't like it!

    Just looking at those pictures makes me sneeze!
    Sheesh! Trust some people to follow the links without warning!
    Next time put a disclaimer for allergic people. These images are really disturbing. :)
  • Neat pictures!

  • And they make nice terrains too

    I did a quick Terragen picture with the ginger one... The others look like they'll result in interesting landscapes as well.

  • herbal landscapes..

    MMMmm, *I* thought the ginger one was a bit tildy, but I've saved the Clary sage and the lavender. Interesting struff.
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