Koinonia (koinonia) wrote,

Everything smells clean, now, even though the rain was a real pain in the behind, last night. The elephant-ear tree is blooming, strange blossoms, like handfuls of packing peanuts scattered over the tree. THe crows seem to like them, and now and then I'll hear a mourning dove calling hoarsely from somewhere near the house.

The blanket-flower bush is covered with blossoms, of the darkest purple. It blooms all year round, so it's always some spot of color in the yard, though the other things come and go. The pipeweed is a handful of spires of green, with delicate-as-air blossoms clinging to the sides in alternating pairs, like birds come to roost.

Things are changing, moving faster and faster and I don't know if it's me, that I'm moving slower, or that in some wierd way the days really *are* moving faster. But it's making the time whirl by.
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