Koinonia (koinonia) wrote,

RPG Draco Malfoy Journal Entry, October 8th

Spent the morning in the library, attempting to copy the woodcuts from "Sex Magicke For The Experienced Wizzarde" by hand. Am not certain that self copied correctly. Lady participant has several limbs too many. Will have to check source book once more, make sure that this is female *human* participant. Ignored breakfast, sausages looked dodgy.
Classes as per usual. Must remind third years that in Runes, where chanting, etc. is mandatory, participation is also mandatory. Protective chant not chanted is bloody useless. Then again, natural selection may thin out slower members of class. Will wait and see.

Supper very dull. Discovered that McGonagall wears tartan stockings. Will not explain how self knows this. Am scarred for life.

October 12th:
Breakfast very dull. Note to self: Do not follow Bloody Baron, or Sir Nicholas down halls going 'Woo,woo'. Very silly. Baron has no sense of humor at *all*. Offered helpful hint on removing unicorn blood stains. Got very sniffy about it.
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