Koinonia (koinonia) wrote,

An entire ounce of peppermint oil.

I spilled it in my jewelry drawer. Everything smells very fresh, but very very strong. I did not realize that the peppermint oil would cause the rubber dropper top to seperate from the screw on lid, creating a breach. I lost half of a two ounce bottle. Not the end of the world, but the stuff does cost money and it's therefore not there when I need it and just..bah.

I am reading "A Daughter Of Han" which is an autobiography of Ning Lao T'ai-t'ai. So far I've gotten to the end of the first third, and I'm fascinated. I wish I could find MORE books like these, autobiographies of ordinary people. I want to know how people lived in Spain, in the nineteenth century. How they celebrated birthdays and holidays and when they got married and the things they ate. I want to know what it was like to be an ordinary person in Japan when the first foreigners arrived. Another book I've just finished but lost (darnit!) is called "Guests of the Sheik" by Elizabeth (and I forgot her last name)..she's an archaeologist who moved to a small village in Egypt with her husband who is I believe an engineer. She befriends people in her village and records ordinary details of life there and it's fascinating.

Maybe it's a reverse snobbery? I don't know. Maybe it's just voyeurism. If anyone can recommend any good books like that one that you enjoyed (They have to be in, or translated into English, pretty please, I can't read any other language) please let me know.

In other news..my bird got loose, flew around the room, and hit the wall (not hard thank God). He saw me and I saw him and I called him *AND HE CAME!* I am so happy, and proud of him. When you're a cockatiel owner, though, I guess you set your expectations kind of low.
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