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a passionate repentance



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may God stand
My best friend lost her dog today.

I wish sometimes there was an instruction manual to tell you "Don't say this, say that, that is what they need to hear." Especially when someone you love is hurting. Something you could carry in your pocket that says hug them now, don't wait. Because sometimes you want to hug someone or to comfort them and you don't know if that impulse is really just your wanting to feel better or some inner angel guiding you to what they really need.

I wish I knew why that guy hit Einstein, and whether or not he is ever going to face up to what he did.

---Gross Warning--things get ick past this point---

I admit I killed a pet once. I had a pet rat snake, just a baby. It had terrible mites all over it, and the book said to put olive oil on it. But whenever I tried to put olive oil on it, the mites would just..move over. I dunked the snake in the olive oil (Not his HEAD!, No.) But I think I must have gotten oil in his nose anyway, because he died. I felt really bad, though. I wonder now if he wasn't sick anyway, because he kept regurgitating his food.

I think I'm just rationalizing, though.
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