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a passionate repentance

Giant Spiders?

Giant Spiders?

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may God stand
This might be another shark and helicopter story, but there's a story about giant spiders in Iraq.

Wow. Just..wow.

Everything I was going to write about just got completely knocked out of my head, so I may post again later. I really sort of hope they're not real for the soldier's sakes, but I hope they are real because..wow..how cool is that?
  • This might ease your mind

    Truth about Camel Spiders
    So most of it seems another urban legend, though I can imagine it still can be pretty scary, especially for arachnophobes.
    Too bad, that. The image of a giant screaming spider running at you at 25 MPH would be something quite impressive.
    The photo itself is a perspective trick.
  • Doctor orders

    Please take a truckload of salt and call me in the morning. See my post in teunc for the truth. The real teunc, not LJ teunc. WOW! That's a lot of teunc.

    Danger is my middle name
  • I read the truth. It's okay, the truth is pretty cool, but hey, I think the idea of giant stuff is pretty neat, all "Lost World"-y, ya know?
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