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a passionate repentance

Remembering Things

Remembering Things

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may God stand
It's odd how things go. Yesterday I read a rather interesting article on memory in the Straight Dope archive (www.straightdope.com). I went to see my mother, and discovered that she does, and does not remember as well as she used to.

And now, on seeing a mention of a suricattus in Banazir's LJ, I find once more a mention of the very first writer who wrote fanfic good enough to make me cry.

I didn't just read suricata's fic, I devoured it. I laughed over it, cried over it, and reread it as long as I could find her website. I wrote her a fanletter, which probably got me labelled as an A-1 stalker. I told everyone I knew who liked Buffy to read this stuff. I wanted to write even half as well, when I grew up.

And now I've found her again, and discovered she's published and doing very well. I'm glad..even though I don't know her, I feel as if someone I know has done well and gone on to do good things.

It's such a little thing, being proud of someone you know doing well. Being really happy all day long 'cause Jereeza got London and I've been there and I can imagine all the things she's going to enjoy and wonder if she's going to see things I didn't get to see. Probably.

Little stuff. Like finding something that smells good. Or telling your friend you think she's amazing. Or petting a cat.

It's going to be a really good day, I think.
  • smiley struff

    It's such a little thing, being proud of someone you know doing well.
    No it's not - it's a big thing. Some eople just feel jealous. I'm glad I'm me. :-) Co-operative, not competitive.
    I even felt happy when I was a teenager if the 'significant other' in my daydreams had a girlfriend they were worthy of.
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