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a passionate repentance

A Really Cold Case

A Really Cold Case

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may God stand
ROME (AFP) - United States and Italian scientists will probe a centuries-old murder mystery when they examine remains of 49 members of the Medici family which ruled Florence for 300 years, the city museum department said.

Using latest technology, researchers will try to find out about the Medici lifestyle including what they ate and how they died, when the family vault is opened this month.

Above all they will try to solve the mystery of Francesco Medici and his wife, who died within a day of each other in 1587 of what appeared to be malaria but was probably poisoning.

The team includes specialists in anthropology, paleopathology, archeology, molecular biology and history of medicine, according to reports.

I'm as interested as anyone in discovering what happened. Maybe more than most, since I have enjoyed reading about the Medici since high school. The timing is questionable though. Why now? Would that money not be put to better purpose elsewhere?

Then again, when IS there a good time? I mean, there's never a year that doesn't have a catastrophe in it, or hungry or poor people.

The 400,000-euro (482,000-dollar) project is being funded by the US universities of Long Island and Duluth, and research will be directed by the Italian universities of Florence and Pisa.

As part of "Operation Medici," a biological and chemical laboratory will be set up inside the family chapel, and the vault will be opened on April 23.

The Medici family ran Florence from 1434 to 1737 and distinguished itself particularly during the flourishing of the Renaissance with its patronage of the arts.

The Italian newspaper La Repubblica reported that a descendant is planning to raise objections to the project, which has been approved by Florence city council and another descendant, Prince Ottaviano de Medici.
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