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a passionate repentance

Looking *really* mad (warning! Plotical!)

Looking *really* mad (warning! Plotical!)

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may God stand
Has anyone else noticed that Condeleeza Rice looks *really* mad in her photos? She looks like the school librarian who can't get people to stop talking.

I thought when I first heard about her, that she'd be cool. This Stamford educated genius, who had opera singer parents. I mean, with a past like that she was sure to have a delightfully absurdist view of the present.

And I thought that the White House could use someone with a keen appreciation of the absurd.

What a disappointment.

She's just..mad. Indignant and hostile and kind of quivery like those birds that puff up and hiss whenever you get too close. The closer you get the bigger they puff and the more they hiss--until they bite.

I don't even know if it's *her* or that she's tied herself so closely to the Bush regime that it's really tough to tell where Condi begins and Dubya ends, except that Dubya doesn't wear Blackberry lipstick (at least not in public).

All this stuff about 9/11 is the ultimate game of 'he said, she said'. Proving that hindsight is *not* twenty-twenty, and that assigning blame, not finding the truth, is the great American past-time. I remember the Watergate hearings. I mean, I was *young* but I remember them. (mostly because I wanted to watch other stuff and my parents didn't and it really pissed me off). And even then, all I could think while watching was "What is being accomplished? Is the President going to go to jail? No. Is he going to admit to doing anything wrong? No. He might get impeached. But he might be impeached if enough people get mad at him, *anyway*..whether or not he actually did anything.

Not that this was sophisticated thinking on my part, but a certain candid assessment based on the fact that I could get into trouble whether or not I'd actually *done* anything, based on the weight of evidence or hearsay from two other sisters, and vice versa. That and I had yet to see a grownup actually *get* into trouble. (Jail and other forms of adult trouble weren't exactly big on my small horizon..to me trouble meant that someone yelled and you got spanked.)

Then I went to England. And Christ on toast..Watergate was all anyone wanted to talk to me about. As if I knew. Or cared. I couldn't seem to make people understand: "Hello, little kid here..ask me about Rocky and Bullwinkle. Ask me about whether or not Flipper is a *real* dolphin, and he really loves that kid, or if he's just in it for the fish. Ask me about Lassie. Don't ask me about Nixon, who was just the ugly guy who happened to be in charge at the time." As opposed to the ugly guy who was in charge before him, I guess.

Still, people wanted to know what I thought. And the situation was so novel and so strange that I actually tried to find out. What happened, not what I thought.

I came away even more confused. And with a new appreciation of the articles in the Telegraph, especially the cartoons about sharing bathwater and heating bills. England seemed to be a very strange place where grownups (Okay, they were physical therapists, and they *had* to be there, and no doubt they were bored stiff) wanted to know what a kid though.

Unlike the kids, who didn't give a rat's. Or who thought that Arizona was full of cowboys. (They asked and I said yes. I lied. Sorry. The opportunity was just too good to resist.)
  • What does '20/20 Hindsight' mean, anyway? Where did it come from?
  • over seas struff.....

    Or who thought that Arizona was full of cowboys.
    We get that with questions about kangaroos. Funny thing is we do see them all the time. They're really common.
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