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a passionate repentance

The kids outside are playing some kind of game that involves a lot of…

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may God stand
The kids outside are playing some kind of game that involves a lot of running and shouting. I'm not sure what it is, since I only hear what it is they're saying when they pass close to the house.

Today is the anniversary of John Lennon's death. I remember that..being shocked, because I thought that John Lennon was eternal. Like..God, but with more hair. And I didn't even *like* the Beatles. I grew up with classical music. Not my choice, per se, but it influenced me. My favorite band at the time was Emerson, Lake and Palmer. Now..I remember, and I listen and I'm shocked at how many Beatles songs I sang as a kid without ever KNOWING they were Beatles songs.

Pet Peeve. People who *summon* me to chatrooms without an IM. Hello? What the heck are you doing? Would YOU just show up in a chatroom, without a word? Grr.

No, I don't caht. I keep missing it. And I *do* miss it. But I also feel as if I never have anything interesting to say. In a post, or something like that, I can think a bit, but in a room, I have to be on the spot..and my brain goes dead.

I still miss it, though. Watching caht was..and is..amazing. Like Monty Python, but without the accents.
  • Still....

    You turn me one...

    I was born in 1979, so one would think I had an affinity for the types of music that other people my age grew up with. Nah-uh. I grew up loving my parents music, the music of the '60's and the '70's. When I learned who John Lennon was and learned about his death, years after it happened, it left its mark on me.

    ELP, eh? Lawd, I love 'em. Especially "Karn Evil 9" and "Still...You Turn Me On." "The Great Gates of Kiev" is awesome too. Have you seen the cover of "Brain Salad Surgery"?
    • Re: Still....

      And I think Greg Lake wrote "From the Beginning", which haunts me, but I've only heard Dokken play it.

      Now I have to go get out my Dokken album and listen to that song and let it haunt me all morning.
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