Koinonia (koinonia) wrote,

I have these coins that the person who sold them to me claims came from the Song Dynasty. I just know they're really cool. They have holes in the center. Now how cool is that? You can wear a necklace of money. You could tie all your cash in a loop and hang it from your belt. You could *NOT* spend hours digging through your pockets and coming up with crumpled bits of paper and fluffy Lifesavers trying to find the correct change.

So how come America doesn't have this incredibly simple thing?

I don't know. I don't know why England, an entirely civilized country that can make incredibly good chocolate, and import and blend some decent tea (providing you don't buy Typhoo or Lipton) still can't make a domestic soft drink that doesn't taste like carbonated cough syrup. Lucozade is what they have, and it's awful. The only other drinks I've had while I was there (and it was a while ago I admit--things might be better now) were orange and lemon squash.

Which is not to say that actual squash were involved. Probably not even actual oranges and lemons. Just kind of a watery-sweet orange stuff. I don't think they even served it with ice. I do know that if I asked for ice that marked me as very American so I learned fast not to ask.

They served ice cream, while I was there, but it was some kind of big deal to serve ice cream to the American kid. I guess I'm really lucky that I'm not some nationality that ate uncooked vegetables and raw fish. They'd bring in the cart with all the ice cream and all these clear, candylike sauces, and I'd want to fall through the floor and disappear.

English desserts with custard (a hot milky sauce, not the wobbly stuff you make with eggs) was okay. I had a little trouble with the idea of pouring it over cake but I could adjust given time. It was warm and sweet and that was good enough in my book.
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