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a passionate repentance



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may God stand
Okay..I am forgetting.

I am forgetting one person's things.

And it's got me scared.

She reminds me of all these things I can't remember. And I feel like I'm going crazy. Because I don't remember any of what's he's telling me.

It's very depressing.

On the plus side I have a brownie. I will share it. I have to take the plusses where I can find them. My head feels stuffed with cotton wool, and I kind of want to cry.

Oh, sorry...that's another minus.

(trying to think of plusses)

Well, I know Bana. And Jereeza the Pearl of the East. And Dr. Blofeld. And the Softrat. And Myng Rabbyt How many pearls of the East, Eviol scientists bent on world domination, Chonese Classical Bunnies and Softrats can there be?

Life is not bad at all.
Life ain't bad
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