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a passionate repentance



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may God stand
So far I think I have discovered two cardinal rules of relationships.

The person you live with is the one most likely to drive you insane.

And he or she is also least likely to realize that he or she has had any part in the matter.

My vanilla absolute is starting to smell very strongly, which pretty much means that it's going. I shouldn't have kept it in the tin it was sent in, but the stuff is like road tar, and almost impossible to get into a bottle with any thing like accuracy.

I understand too, that it's not water soluble which means that I'll need SD alcohol in order to thin it to a pourable consistency. And that means that I can't use it in oil-based perfumes, and I don't know what it will do to a cold process melt and pour soap. So. I have debated on throwing it out, but right now it seems to smell pretty good, so I figure, why not just enjoy the smell while I can and *then* throw it out? It wasn't *that* expensive.

The house is so quiet. Mike's gone back to work but he's supposed to be home by three thirty or so, so we can go to the bank. Odds are, since I'm ready, that he won't be home until five or so and then he won't want to go.

Ah, yes. Life in our fast lane.

Outside, it's breezy, and cool, and there's a dry, spicy smell from somewhere, that I'm betting is someone's eucalyptus tree. Interesting how the essences in the bottles smell only something like the things as they really are. I don't like eucalyptus essence, but the tree's bark smells nice.

Well, this entry was hugely undeep.
  • ..the undeep..

    Well, this entry was hugely undeep.
    :-) Thank goodness. I enjoyed it. And now that you know the secret of relationships - you can join the club. Stay sane.
    Men can't help it - they have shorter 'awareness' spans, in both time and distance. 'If it's not in front of your face, or hitting you over the head' it's not important.
    learn to use it to your advantage.......
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