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a passionate repentance



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may God stand
Well, the doctor's being a priss. Hardly surprising, really but I get tired of being scolded for being 'off schedule' on making my appointments to see him when I'm the one paying for them. I don't have insurance of my own and Michael's insurance has a seven hundred dollar deductible.
They were supposed to be calling me back with a time for an appointment, and they never did. Which means either I call him again, or I find another doctor. Lovely. I'd say screw it but I need the perscriptions refilled, and I have to get my cholesterol checked. Dang it. Mom's supposed to leave the number of her doctor so I can see if he's taking new patients. I hope she does. I don't know for sure how to spell the doctor's last name, and I really don't want to stay up to call Sanborne again. I hate this.

Well, so far of all the things I wanted to do today, I found my wallet and I worked out. That's it. That's..sad. I keep telling myself that the day isn't over but it's midnight, and then some. It's a new day. So it's over, isn't it?


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