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a passionate repentance

Mad People

Mad People

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may God stand
It's midnight, and that counts for a day. So. The thirtyfirst has been a day when I couldn't do or say anything right. I mucked up a date to get together for RPG with someone, I ticked off someone else, and a third someone's not talking to me.

I'm tempted to find chocolate and a bunker and a big tin hat and hide out until the alien brainsucking rays have passed over, or gotten deflected by the smog or something.
Call me when it's all over, Jeeves.
  • I'd offer to let you hide here, but the drunken leprechauns spotted my house and are now after m'fuckin lucky charms. No sanctuary here.

    Damned leprechauns.
  • Would you like some company? I'll bring the granola, the biodegradable toilet paper, and Teh Hawt British Man Pr0n....
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