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a passionate repentance

Okay, patience. As in..I don't have any. People have this unique…

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may God stand
Okay, patience.

As in..I don't have any.

People have this unique ability to shut off my hearing for me. Make me grind my teeth. Make me want to hurl. All..by being themselves.

Rampant jackassery.


I like soap. If it smells good. Being pretty helps too. Why no..since you asked, this has nothing to do with the above. At all.

I just like soap. I used to like Safeguard when I was a kid. Because the bar was easy to hang onto and it smelled nice. My parents liked us to use Ivory. Because it was 99.44/100ths pure. Or because it floated and was therefore harder to cement into a slimy mass on the bathtub floor. I suspect the latter.

Now there's Darkswan's soaps, and her Yuzu soap, which smells citrusy and clean and not too sweet.And beats Ivory to a pulp. Or Pears, which smells good but it's got that wierd no-lather thing going. And Sweetberry's soap. Which is nice, but it melts so fast, and it's in that funky little bar shape that is really hard to hold onto.

I wonder if, when Tolkien was singing about the virtues of water hot, he was also thinking about soap?

What soap would a hobbit use?

Or a nelf?

Or a blarog?

Or a shiny sparkly Nazgul?

I wish I knew.
  • I suspect that Balrogs preferred that dirty all over feeling. So they'd used Pond(scum) or somesuch specialty bar, yanno? Elves would use something pretty and natural smelling (hmm... evergreen scent?) OldToby45 for Hobbits, rather like Irish Spring but with that T'baccy afterscent. ::grin::

    Nazgul, well,... I suspect Brasso.
  • tomato soap!

    What soap would a hobbit use?
    something strong and home-made. soap like it was when there was only one kind of soap.
    Or a nelf?
    soap lightly coloured and scented with flowers.
    Or a blarog?
    it's an established fact that they used lava. needless to say, their equally great love for pink fluffy slippers made washing a bit of a pain.
    Or a shiny sparkly Nazgul?
    well, they certainly didn't use running water...
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