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a passionate repentance

Too Sensitive

Too Sensitive

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may God stand
I think I have to be. Things are bugging me. I'm convinced people are angry at me. And I'm on the edge of tears. I must be completely off my nut. Hormonal.

Cecelia Zhang, the little girl who went missing so suddenly has been found. She is dead. I feel a tremendous sadness knowing that she trusted the wrong person and paid a terrible price for that.

I don't understand *why* things like this happen. I know there are all kinds of reasons people advocate. I know that there may not even *be* a reason. But it seems so egregiously, horribly *wrong* that a little girl who couldn't have lived long enough to gain any enemies should be dead now, when there are people who have *thousands* of enemies, and they're alive. There's no justice there. No parity. Not even in the sense of this is wrong and this is right, there's just no balance.

I'm fighting the urge to hide right now. To hide and sleep and hope that somehow when I get up things will be different. Better.

I don't know.
  • Too Sensitive

    I don't think you're too sensitive. I think the world at large isn't sensitive ENOUGH.

    You're right; there may be no answer for why things like that happen. Or, if there is an answer, we either don't like it, or it doesn't make sense to us.

    I just thank God, my friend, that there *are* people who care. You know where I'm at, if you need an ear.
  • Loves you.

    Come sit in my garden with me. You can listen to me swear at the weeds.
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