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a passionate repentance

Horses and Soap and Splinters and Stuff

Horses and Soap and Splinters and Stuff

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may God stand
My friend Teri's horse Price has been sick with colic and refusing to get up. I'm really afraid he's going to die, he's so weak and he won't get up. Poor Teri, she's so small, and the horse is just not getting up.

I have some new soap from darkswan soaps and it smells really really good. I think the pleasure of looking at it and smelling it's greater than the pleasure of actually using it, but isn't that true of a lot of things?

It's strange, now and then when I go outside I can smell the mimosa but I can't see any blooms. Which means it's a ghost mimosa or something. Not bad, you get the perfume, which kind of smells like violets but so much sweeter, and none of the dropped leaves and branches and funky little seedpod things. The nightblooming jasmine is *trying* to blossom but the last cooldown in the weather kind of discouraged things.

Still no job. This is the longest dry spell in a while, though the news keeps claiming that things are picking up. Maybe, but they're picking up in areas where I'm unsuited to work, like fast food, and retail sales.

I had planned on going out today, doing some visiting, but I'm feeling lazy and grumpy and out of sorts, even though Mike did take the splinter out of my foot (hurrah!) and now I can step down on it without pain. It's spring, so all the big bugs that live outdoors, like palmetto bugs are trying to come indoors, and I *hate* bugs. So the question came down to, do I stay home and flee the bugs I can actually try to kill or go out and be unnerved by someone else's bugs? Palmetto bugs are cockroaches, but not quite like the little German cockroaches that live indoors. These are huge, and they *fly* during certain times of the year. Like now. Any open door or window is fair game, and they seem designed to squish themselves flat enough to skitter *under* the doors. Ugh. Ugh. Ugh.

I understand that the incumbent Taiwanese president will resign if a recount proves that his assassination attempt was a fake? I don't think the attempt had to be fake, I mean, the wound could have been very real, it just could have been *planned* for. Though, I don't know. Honestly, he could have died.

I think I need to quit rambling and do things. This is what happens when you allow me to sit down at Livejournal before I am sufficiently caffeinated.
  • You can come sit outside on my porch instead. While not bug-free, it's still early enough that they're all pretty much nice and small, cept for the occasional stray and confused wasp.
  • :(

    illusioner told me that Teri lost her horse. I'm so sorry :( My condolences to her and the family. She tried so hard. :/
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