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a passionate repentance



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may God stand
I have this stupid splinter or shard of glass or something in my foot. I hate it. I can feel it when I step down, or if I put weight on my foot but I can't bend my leg in the right way to look at the bottom of my foot or to take the splinter out. It's driving me crazy.

Now there's a link between the bombing in Madrid and Iraq? What happened to the possibility of Basque seperatists? or was this never more than a smokescreen? Al-Qaeda claims responsibility, but I'm reminded of the one news story I heard while I was in England about a bombing in Ireland and no less than three seperate groups claimed *they* did it. So who do you believe?

I don't know. I know I don't believe Bush. But I'm honestly beginning to think that the lies around the White House are so thick that *nobody* knows what's true any more. Only what they believe.
  • The Spaniards haven't removed themselves yet and will probably stay if a UN resolution gets passed before the deadline (June 31st, I think). And a major (some say THE major) reason for more Spaniards voting for the opposition was the stupidly handled coverup and misinformation campaign perpetrated by the incumbants attempting to convince people it was ETA.
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