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a passionate repentance

I Like My Icebergs RED, Baby!

I Like My Icebergs RED, Baby!

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may God stand
Here's the link:
This artist went from Denmark to Iceland and used something like 780 gallons of meat dye to turn this one iceberg blood red. No other ornaments, just this one big old red iceberg. Something like ten thousand feet of redness.
And I'm thinking..okay..is this guy just bored or what? Did he not have enough to do in Denmark? Weren't there sidewalks to paint or maybe he could have covered a hill with pink plastic like the French artist Christos? (I am not really sure that that is the man's proper name or how it's spelled, if you know better, please correct me because I hate to look dumb.) Okay, I grant you the red is pretty. It reflects in the water and the other icebergs are all, well icebergy colored and yes, it's cute, but geez, it's red, and the redness will wash off and go into the water, and..well..was there a point?

Maybe I'm terminally nikulturny. I buy drawings because they make me go 'oooh, pretty'..not because they're by such and such a person. I don't know the symbolism of anything except Christmas trees and birthday cake candles. And I like pink. So I'm basically the sort of person who'd probably drink wine coolers if I liked them, which I don't. Maybe you have to have special vision to understand and appreciate someone else's art..and the iceberg painter's art was created for someone who's on that iceberg art wavelength.

I was hugely depressed about an hour ago, and I was moping around thinking ooooh..today is going to suck. Which it might. However, I decided I'd throw away some junk. Some stuff I was keeping because it was sparkly and maybe I'd use it someday. Well, when I was cleaning I found my foo dog pendant! It's one I bought ages ago, and it's three colors of stone all together in layers like a sand painting, with this cute little running foo dog, running with his tail out and his ears flying. I think he looks like he's having fun.

I only spent about two months looking for it, and cleaned my house only to tear it apart looking and clean it some more. Well, I found it and I have it on, so I feel about..oh..six, and happy and silly.

Today could be bad. I don't think so, though. Not with the friends I have in TEUNC. And not as long as you can sometimes find the things you'd lost.
  • I've found a remote control for my tv today, which I've been looking for for last two weeks.
  • That link wants me to log in. Other people can try one of these instead or this specifically (it's got a pretty picture).
  • You know

    I'm all for expression, maybe even art for art's sake. But that iceberg thingy...well, how is that going to effect the ecosystem attached to that iceberg? Is that dye/paint toxic? Is it going to destroy a food source living on the iceberg (have you seen the pictures of the underwater foilage that can actually *grow* on icebergs?) or otherwise harm animals that might tread on the iceberg?

    It does seem sort of neat, but I wonder how safe it is for the surrounding environment.

    I'm glad you found your foo dog necklace. I love it when I find stuff I've thought I lost, or find stuff I forgot I had but loved. It's like getting a present. =)
  • Looking for my brain still. And looking for you. You there? Wooo?
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