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a passionate repentance

Mark Bunker is a well known critic of Scientology. He's spent his…

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may God stand
Mark Bunker is a well known critic of Scientology. He's spent his time informing the public, speaking in public, filming and teaching. I've watched him for a long time now and I've been impressed by his cool, his expertise, and especially his tolerance, humor and courtesy, even toward the Scientologists who bullbait him. Now his account has been pulled from Youtube. Copyright infringement was mentioned in the letter I received, but I'm not certain one hundred percent that that's the case. Mark Bunker didn't USE copyrighted material, and what he spoke on, online, refers to material that is available freely on the internet.

Please if you can, help to get his account reinstated. Youtube accepts advertisements from the Church of Scientology. They may have been threatened by the church, I don't know, as part of the Church's documented 'fair game' policy. Please look here:

And here:

Email Stephen Colbert here:


Dear Mr. Colbert,

Please do whatever is in your power to rescind the copyright infringement claims against Mark Bunker and his YouTube channel Xenutv


Thank you for your attention.


Your Name Here

More info here.
Here the full radio interview by downloading the sound clips here:

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