Koinonia (koinonia) wrote,

And The Cat Came Back..

Reconnecting families, and saving lives..Operation Reconnect.

You want to know more?


Look out David Miscavige. Anonymous isn't done. Not by a long way.

They're coming back in May.


Shawn, you aren't forgotten. I saw the BBC program, and I admired your courage and your frankness even then.

Shawn Lonsdale. A victim of Fair Gaming. Something Scientology's claimed to STOP.
Lisa Mcpherson. A victim of Scientology's tender, loving care. After they bankrupted her.
Does anyone remember Noah Lottick? Josephus Havenith? What about Ida Camburn? How long will she have to wait for a chance to tell her son she loves him?

You're free to believe what ever you choose. And I will support that right for as long as I live. But it's wrong, to have the Church of Scientology put CHILDREN in slave labor camps. To make someone run around an orange telephone pole for twelve hours a day. To put a little boy into the chain-locker of a ship and LEAVE him there because he misbehaved. Alone.

It's wrong that the Church of Scientology enjoys tax-exempt status AND priviledges NO OTHER CHURCH in America enjoys. No other church. WHY?

I don't have a problem with any individual Scientologist. But the Church itself is abusive and dangerous and I, for one, support Anonymous in what they're doing. Peacefully. Responsibly. Protesting.

Carry on, Anon.
Carry on.
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