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a passionate repentance

We Are Humans! Cut Our Meat For Us, Please..

We Are Humans! Cut Our Meat For Us, Please..

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may God stand
The provocative discovery suggests that this genetic twist - toward smaller, weaker jaws - unleashed a cascade of profound biological changes. The smaller jaws would allow for dramatic brain growth necessary for tool-making, language and other hallmarks of human evolution on the plains of East Africa.

The mutation is reported in the latest issue of the journal Nature, not by anthropologists, but by a team of biologists and plastic surgeons at the University of Pennsylvania and the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia.

The report provoked strong reactions throughout the hotly contested field of human origins with one scientist declaring it ''counter to the fundamentals of evolution'' and another pronouncing it ''super.''

The Pennsylvania researchers said their estimate of when this mutation first occurred - about 2.4 million years ago - generally overlaps with the first fossils of prehistoric humans featuring rounder skulls, flatter faces, smaller teeth and weaker jaws.

And, the remarkable genetic divergence persists to this day in every person, they said.

--AOL news
(God knows where they got it from)

I think it's kind of neat. I mean..not that we have weak jaws..but that *because* we have weak jaws, we developed larger brains. If humans were herbs, they'd be mint, which grows until it takes up the container it's in. Unless, like here, your mother plants it and forgets it. Then of course it spreads, throughout your lawn until cutting the grass becomes an olfactory experience. Contrary to all expectation, mint and grass smell..kind of gross together.

I don't know why the idea gives me such pleasure but it does. Maybe because I feel so strongly that I'm not a physically strong person. If weakness can be constructive, then I don't feel so..unnecessary.

On another note, I read recently that the Big Thing in Japan used to be ultra tanned, like Paris Hilton. Now it's to be ultra pale. I suppose, if you speak Japanese and your machine supports the characterset you can go to http://bihaku.info/ and read more. You can even have a photoreactive cell phone to tell you what the damage factor is to your skin.


On another note, I have been admiring the_softrat's terse, yet poetic journal entries. The man does more with less than any person I've ever seen except maybe Hemingway.
Jereeza's painting of Eowyn is *amazing*. Really and truly amazing. if you get a chance, go see it. I really liked the pose, as if she were about to drive her blade into the ground.
  • I like....

    The cat with the citrus helmet. I'm tempted to go home and create helmets for my monsters (read: cats) and take pictures.

    And I'm intrigued with the article you posted, about our weak jaws.

    I wonder if that's why we get stuff like TMJ.
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