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a passionate repentance

Prayers for the dead.

Prayers for the dead.

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may God stand
This little snippet from Fr. Thomas Hopko from a speech about life
after death in Brisbane Australia has some insight for me too:

"Some people say, `Well, when you die it is too late and it is
certainly too late for us to pray for a person. Why should I pray for
my mother and father who have departed this life? They are dead and
into the presence of God already. There is nothing that these prayers
can do, because it's over for them'. Here our Church would say this,
`As long as I am alive in this world, it isn't over for me. And I
don't know what is going on out there, but if I love my mother and
father and even my worst enemy, and I know that they are dying and
they are going into the presence of the Lord, and have to pass this
incredible test and have to really come to love and have faith in God,
then I will pray for them will all my heart and soul. I will pray to
my last brief that God's mercy and love would be accepted by them and
that they would be saved'. But I also have to say this, our Church
teaches that God hears our prayers before we even pray them. In fact
our Church teaches that God hears our prayers before He even created
the world and us. So if I pray today for my father like I did at the
Holy Liturgy this morning, when they say remember the departed, I
always say John and Anna as my parents and others, like we all do, God
heard that even before He created even the whole world. That prayer
becomes part of the whole divine providence for my mother and father
and others we pray for. Therefore, it isn't too late for God, because
God hears our prayers whenever we make them for all eternity, and they
have an effect upon the whole of creation. One little prayer changes
the entire divine providence. So if I pray now for my parents, I am
obviously going to pray for them as being already asleep in the Lord,
because they are biologically dead. Although I believe that they are
alive in God and sometimes I must say have mercy on them. One in a
while I even pray to them and say "mum and dad, please help me today.
Because I have to give a talk in Brisbane'."
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