Koinonia (koinonia) wrote,

The Horses, the HORSES, sod you!

So..Albus Dumbledore is gay.


I mean, was she actually going to go somewhere with this? Say something? Reveal the fact that he's been borrowing Minerva's corsets and garters for years?

Dearly beloved, Brothers and Sisters, Friends and Relations..was there in fact a POINT to the announcement?

Or had she just gotten up that morning, realized no one was queued up to interview her and had a moment of existential horror? Mon Dieu! I am no longer famous! I must make an announcement!


Albus is a teacher, a mentor, a friend, a guide, handy as hell as a plot device and a duck machine, and probably makes a great omelette. None of which have anything to do with his sexual preferences.

Indeed, for all intents and purposes he is celibate. No funny business here please. We're wizards. EVERYONE except the marrieds and the to-be-marrieds are. And even then the bits and pieces and arms and legs all happen off camera. As they should. There's too much else going on. I see Harry Potter as a book with a strong Christian bias. Therefore, whether Albus was gay or straight or liked to roll naked in calamari with a nice white wine sauce is uterly irrelevant. It's not what you were, but what you become; not what you begin as, but the choices you make that define you. Clearly the recitative of his sins in DH serve to underscore that Albus is as human as the rest of us. If he's grown in virtue it isn't because he was unacquainted with sins. And if he forgave Severus *his* sins, it was because he recognized he had sins of his own that needed forgiving.

I'm still not sure why it was necessary to out Albus. I do think there are things that just don't really need to be said. Not that those things are bad, or you Shouldn't Discuss Them..just..

Why show me a shotgun unless you intend to use it?

Ergo, what did being gay have to do with it?

Nobody asks me these things. But they should you know. They really should.
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