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a passionate repentance

I told a lie today and I have no idea *why* I told it. It just *came…

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may God stand
I told a lie today and I have no idea *why* I told it. It just *came out*. And now I'm horribly ashamed, and confused. Am I the only person that does this? It's not all the time. But when it does happen I end up feeling as if all my aspirations to any kind of spiritual life are useless humbuggery.

And when you repent and ask forgiveness of God, should you then confess to a priest? Or is that doubting God?
  • Lovely - if you were perfect, you wouldn't be human. You slipped up and told a lie... and from the way you seem to be feeling because of it, you're truly sorry about it. I'm probably the last person to counsel you, but if you've made your peace with God over it, then what would making confession do? Would it add anything to your reparations? Or would it make you feel better? And what do you want it to do?

    Grab me online if you want to chat.
  • Oh, for pity's sake...

    I finally figured out who you are.

    (Mea culpa - I'm not too quick on the uptake sometimes.)

    I'm not sure that this will make much sense, but I'll put it out there, and see if it resonates.

    When I read this post, the first thing that popped into my head was that quote by Julian of Norwich: "Sin is behovely, but all shall be well and all shall be well and all manner of thing shall be well."

    This might be one of the situations where sin is useful. After all, it's making you think. Making you wonder. And it may well lead to new knowledge of yourself.

    As for the other, I don't believe that confessing to a priest is inherently a sign of doubting God. What you are doing (in my admittedly lay perspective) is twofold:

    1. You are allowing God to speak to you through another person.
    2. You are allowing another person to speak to you about an issue that worries you.

    From what you wrote, it seems that you've already repented. And it could be argued that in posting this confession online you've sought feedback/forgiveness/absolution from other people.

    However, if you feel the need to talk with a priest, then do so. As I said, I don't believe that doing so is inherently a sign of doubt, but if it feels like it in a particular instance, then talk to the priest in his identity as a person who has experience in counselling people.
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