Koinonia (koinonia) wrote,

Hear and be comforted, beloved, how merciful is God! To the
sinful woman He forgave her offences; yea, He upheld her when she was
afflicted. With clay He opened the eyes of the blind, so that the
eyeballs beheld the light. To the palsied He granted healing, who
arose and walked and carried his bed. And to us He has given the
pearls; His holy Body and Blood. He brought His medicines secretly;
and with them He heals openly. And He wandered round in the land of
Judea, like a physician, bearing his medicines. Simon invited Him to
the feast, to eat bread in his house. The sinful woman rejoiced when
she heard that He sat and was feasting in Simon's house; her thoughts
gathered together like the sea, and like the billowing waves her love
surged. She beheld the Sea of Grace, how it had forced itself into one
place; and she resolved to go and drown all her wickedness in its

St. Ephraim the Syrian, Hymn on the Sinful Woman, 1.1
4th century
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