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a passionate repentance

"Consider, therefore, the grace of the Spirit, how it is…

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may God stand
"Consider, therefore, the grace of the Spirit, how it is all-sufficient, enough for such a wide world in so many ages: far from being circumscribed or used up, it fills all with wealth and grace while itself in no way being consumed. Then, since the word 'spirit' is something with many meanings (it is called angel as well, remember, and soul, and breath, and many other names), He added 'some of My Spirit,' As, then a human being's spirit is related to the human being, so too God's, but remaining in a distinct person. Paul, too, suggested this in saying, 'I mean, what human being knows the depths of a human being if not the spirit of the human being that is within. Likewise, too no one knows the depths of God if not the Spirit of God,' not confusing the divine Persons - perish the thought - but revealing the nobility of the Spirit. At any rate, as complete as the soul's harmony with itself, so complete is the relation of the Spirit to the Father."

St. John Chrysostom.
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