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a passionate repentance

A discerning elderly monk on Mt Athos said to me: Once I met a monk –…

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may God stand
A discerning elderly monk on Mt Athos said to me: Once I met a monk
– I say this as a confession – whose lips were always moving with the
Jesus Prayer. You could see it. At another time some visitors had come
also and, seeing him, one said to the other, “Oh, my, what a holy man!”
That monk at one time said to me, “I wrote to this Bishop, to that
Metropolitan; another one I reprimanded, and still to another I
suggested that he change his ways so that I could be on his side.”
“But for God’s sake,” I said to him, “Let us examine this situation
“Why should I listen to you? You are less educated than I am, for I
do not put a circumflex on an “o” the way you might do.”
“Put aside all these big ideas,” I said to him.
But he replied to me, “If there were only one like me in power, the
entire Church could be set straight.”
Now think about this and draw a conclusion. If he were crazy, I
could excuse him. But he was not crazy. In addition, he was saying the
Jesus Prayer by habit only. This is very dangerous, because in one who
is full of pride, the prayer becomes very burdensome. The prayer should
not tire one out. But in this case, because of pride, that is just what
it did.

from An Athonite Gerontikon
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