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a passionate repentance

"`Now these are the things you must take: gold and silver and bronze,…

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may God stand
"`Now these are the things you must take: gold and silver and bronze, blue
and purple and scarlet twice dyed and fine linen, goats' hair and rams'
skins dyed red, blue skins and acacia wood, oil for preparing lamps, spices
for ointment and for sweet-smelling incense...' (Ex. 25:3-6). We offer gold
to Him when we shine brightly with the splendor of the true wisdom which is
in right faith; silver when with our mouth we make confession unto
salvation, bronze when we rejoice in spreading that same faith by public
preaching; blue when we lift us our hearts; purple when we subject the body
to suffering; scarlet twice dyed when we burn with a double love (that is,
for 'God and neighbor); fine linen when we shine with chastity of the flesh;
goats' hair when we put on the habit of penitence and lamentation; rams'
skins dyed red when as leaders of the Lord's flock we see ourselves baptized
in His blood; blue skins when we hope to be clothed after death with
spiritual bodies in heaven; acacia wood when the thorn-thickets of sin have
been cleared away and we serve the Lord alone, pure in body and in soul; oil
for preparing lamps when we shine brightly with the fruits of charity and
mercy; spices for ointment and sweet smelling incense when our reputation
for good deeds spreads far and wide among the multitudes as an example of
living well."

The Venerable Bede.

An important person came from abroad to Scetis bringing much gold with
him, and he asked the priest to give some of it to the brothers. The
priest said, “The brothers do not need it,” but as the other was very
insistent, he put a basket filled with gold at the door of the church.
The priest said, “Let anyone who needs it take some.” But nobody came,
and some did not even notice it was there. So the priest said to the
visitor, “God has seen your charity: go, and give it to the poor.”
Greatly edified, the man went away
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