Koinonia (koinonia) wrote,

Happy Birthday Jezeera!!

Happy Birthday, Jezeera, the Pearl of The East, a pearl of a girl.

Hmm. Birthdays, in general have never been my favorite thing. I think that I got jaded early, because I got the "We can get you a present for your birthday OR Christmas so what do you want" speech. I always felt that my sister whose birthday was in June got more. Gipped! Cheated out of a lifetime's worth of presents!

Which is not to say I didn't get any. I remember a lot of them. I asked for a doll house one year, that my mother never did put together because my father was in Vietnam, and she was sick with the flu. By the time that my father put it together, I had lost interest in dolls or doll houses. I remember asking for all kinds of toys that I never played with, and playing with things that weren't really meant to be toys. Which, I suppose means that I was normal.

There were some stuffed animals I had as a kid..I don't recall that I actually slept with any of them, but for a huge ladybug pillow that in my addled imagination I thought of as a Galapagos turtle. (I read a LOT of National Geographic, kids, don't try this at home.) I christened it Gloppy and I think I slept on it so long and abused it so well that all it's navy blue spots fell off.

There were other toys, a Barbie doll that I abused too, though that was more along the lines of writing terrible stories for her, and making her hang from various places, under tables and chairs, and from soap dishes, or tumble into the bathtub, as the heroine risked her life again and again, to please the blood thirst of the studio audience. I remember a bunch of different toy horses that belonged to my sisters, and a ceramic snail and a ceramic quail and a couple of other toys..some were Trish's and some were mine, but I made up stories for them all, made a town, with the snail as the mayor.

I don't have any of those things now..not that I'd be inclined to hang onto them forever. I just thought, once upon a time, that that was the most wonderful thing, to make towns and villages with sticks and string and Elmer's glue and fill them up.

I discovered people when I was eleven, though I think I wasn't sure how to communicate with them until I was around fourteen, and pretty much divided people into either: The people I have to obey, or: The people I can give things to and they will go away.

Come to think of it, I could still divide things up that way..
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