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a passionate repentance


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may God stand

SAN FRANCISCO: May 11, 2006

We, the participants of the IV All-Diaspora Council, having gathered
in the God-preserved city of San Francisco, in the blessed presence of
the Protectress of the Russian Diaspora, the Kursk-Root Icon of the
Mother of God, and the holy relics of Saint John of Shanghai and San
Francisco, in trembling recognition of the duty laid upon us, in
obedience to our Archpastor, Christ, with complete trust and love of
the pastors and laity to our First Hierarch, His Eminence Metropolitan
Laurus, and the Council of Bishops, attest that as loyal children of
the Holy Church, we shall submit to Divine will and obey the decisions
of the forthcoming Council of Bishops.

We archpastors, pastors and laymen, members of the IV All-Diaspora
Council, unanimously express our resoluteness to heal the wounds of
division within the Russian Church---between her parts in the Fatherland
and abroad. Our Paschal joy is joined by the great hope that in the
appropriate time, the unity of the Russian Church will be restored
upon the foundation of the Truth of Christ, opening for us the
possibility to serve together and to commune from one Chalice.

Hearing the lectures read at the Council, the reports made by the
Commission on negotiations with the corresponding Commission of the
Moscow Patriarchate, and the various points of view expressed during
the discussions, we express our conciliar consent that it is necessary
to confirm the canonical status of the Russian Church Abroad for the
future as a self-governing part of the Local Russian Church, in
accordance with the Regulations of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside
of Russia currently in force.

>From discussions at the Council it is apparent that the participation
of the Russian Orthodox Church of the Moscow Patriarchate in the World
Council of Churches evokes confusion among our clergy and flock. With
heartfelt pain we ask the hierarchy of the Russian Orthodox Church of
the Moscow Patriarchate to heed the plea of our flock to expediently
remove this temptation.

We hope that the forthcoming Local Council of One Russian Church will
settle remaining unresolved church problems.

Bowing down before the podvig [spiritual feats] of the Holy New
Martyrs and Confessors of Russia, glorified both by the Russian Church
Abroad and by the Russian Church in the Fatherland, we see within them
the spiritual bridge which rises above the abyss of the lethal
division in the Russian Church and makes possible the restoration of
that unity which is desired by all.

And we, the members of the IV All-Diaspora Council, address our
brothers and sisters in the faith in our renascent Homeland with the
Paschal hymns: "Pascha! Let us embrace each other joyously!"

Alexandr Cvejkus

Anthony Jacobs wrote:
> There is a resolution posted from today, in Russian, at:
> http://www.russianorthodoxchurch.ws/synod/2006/5sobresolution.html
> having only a machine translation to rely on, I don't feel like I can
> determine the exact content. I'll have to wait for the english
> translation on the english website:
> http://www.russianorthodoxchurch.ws/synod/indexeng.htm
> Anthony
> --- In orthodox-convert@yahoogroups.com, jec1ny@... wrote:
>> Anyone heard any news from SF on the resolution for or against
> canonical
>> communion? I believe they were supposed to vote on it this morning.
>> In Christ,
>> John
  • question

    so what does it mean exactly? is it a good or bad thing?
    Peace love
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