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a passionate repentance

When he began, the blessed Abba Zosimas spoke in the following…

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may God stand
When he began, the blessed Abba Zosimas spoke in the following
manner. First, he would perform the sign of the cross over his mouth.
He would say that, when the divine Word became human, He granted
abundant grace to those who believed and who still believe in Him. For,
it is possible to believe even now, indeed even to begin from this very
day, if we so desire. After all, our desire depends on our free will,
with the cooperation also of grace. Thus, it is possible for whoever so
desires, to regard the whole world as being nothing.
Moreover, he would pick up whatever he could find – whether a nail
or some thread, or anything else of insignificant value – and say, “Who
would ever fight or argue over something like this? -- unless it be
someone who has truly lost his mind! Therefore, a person of God, who is
progressing and advancing, should consider the whole world as this nail,
even if that person actually possesses the entire world. For, as I
always like to say: ‘It is not possessing something that is harmful, but
being attached to it.’”

Reflections (Dialogismoi) of Abba Zosimus 1a-b
trans., Fr. John Chryssavgis)
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