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1) What is carida_46's favorite food? chocolate
2) What would mrowe think of innocencedenied? don't know
3) What do you disagree with laguera25 about? roleplay
4) What do you agree with aculeatus about? Severus Snape
5) If nobuddy69 and mrowe were spliced together, what would it be like? Terrifying
6) What is stroppy_prof's favorite band/artist? Moxy Fruvulous
7) stroppy_prof's hair color? Blonde
8) What would you do if yodge died? Be heartbroken
9) Is istari_ala introverted or extroverted? introverted
10) Has tnaoqv been to your house/dorm? no
11) Does tnaoqv know banazir? no
12) Is teawithvoldy 1337? Teawithvoldy is AWESOME.
13) Does laguera25 drink? yes, tea
14) Which of your friends should stroppy_prof go out with? kaitkaitkait
15) If istari_ala took over the world, who would suffer? pandas
16) What animal does ursulav remind you of? duckbilled platypus
17) What is pandora_nervosa's favorite color? purple
18) How long have you known mylunaseas? three years
19) What comic book character would gondhir be? Faramir
20) What word best describes celamity? Amazing
21) If shiv5468 and laguera25 were siamese twins, where would they be joined? at the library card
22) Is emberwine related to you? no, alas
23) Is yodge athletic? yes
24) Would scribbletwins and churchlady32 make a good couple? No idea
25) Does siocled have a big secret? yes?
26) Where was theartema born? third star to the left and on till morning
27) Are barahirion and churchlady32 going steady? no
28) Where was innocencedenied born? Emerald City, Oz?
29) Which president would tnaoqv be likely to idolize? Disraeli
30) Are myng_rabbyt and alleahna married? No
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