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a passionate repentance

A completely non-Orthodox, and very very feminine plaudit

A completely non-Orthodox, and very very feminine plaudit

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may God stand
Okay. I am hugely picky about what I put on my hair, in my hair or around my hair. I have very few features I like and my hair's one of them though it's baby fine and thin.

Recently I was reading about hair care and it mentioned oiling the hair. Okay, thinks I..this is weird. Why put oil IN, when you've just worked your butt off to take oil OUT?

But..I figure what the heck? Might as well try it. So I trundle off to the fridge and find this little jar of virgin coconut cream--it's coconut oil that's relatively unprocessed--it still smells deliciously of coconut. I got mine from Darkswan Indulgences. www.darkswan.com --the owner is so picky and so knowledgeable about oils and what to use. Her stuff is always fresh, and always exactly what she says it is.

Just a fingernail scraping of it. Not even a rice-grain-worth, and my hair is so soft, and it actually has a bit of curl in it. It is enough difference that I'm buying more coconut oil from her, a jar of monoi de tiare, which is coconut infused with the tiare flowers. It smells a bit like gardenia, but without that coumarin *punch* you get from gardenia. I love it.

Go to Darkswan. Look around. Ask questions. The owner is smart, friendly and willing to listen. Yes, I'm praising her site. I figure it's worth it. I actually don't hate my hair. It's definitely worth it.
  • I love, love, love her stuff. Especially the Yuzu fruit (I'm on a citrus kick) though all the rose scented/blended things are to. die. for.

    My younger daughter has a birthmark on her thigh where there's little or no pigmentation, the skin there has always been very rough, prone to drying to the point of crack & bleed. We've been through prescription lotions, the works, the stuff from DS is about all that she likes that *works* - and makes her smell like the fruitbowl.
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