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a passionate repentance



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may God stand
Okay, so I'm making necklaces. It's a thing I do, and nobody needs to giggle, hokay? Anyway. Here I am considering how to make something with this red jade doughnut shape, and it occurs to me. Red jade. Okay, jade comes in all these colors. (I can hear you in the back, rolling your eyes, damn it!) And I know that rubies and tourmalines and spinels all have their meanings. But when I look up 'jade' all it gives is peace, wisdom, etc, and a mention of green-ness. Hello? There are MORE colors than green!

Not that I don't like green. I do. I like it a lot. But damn..come on. Does yellow jade mean different stuff than red jade? Does that lavenderish jade mean different stuff than the green or the white? What about nephrite? I know that jadeite jade is relatively recent as far as carving--only within the last three hundred years, but does nephrite mean something else other than jade? And what do all those monkeys and coins and bats and deers and leaves and things mean? Is there a book or a website or something where I can go and find all this out? Because Google just makes me very frustrated and Dogpile is even worse. Finding things on the Internet seems to be a very imprecise practice.
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