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a passionate repentance

The Martha

The Martha

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may God stand
Ding dong, the witch is dead.

Okay, maybe it's a nasty little bit of schadenfreude (I don't know if I spelled that correctly) -pleasure at someone else's shame-that I find satisfaction in Martha's guilty verdict. It's not that she's rich--there are other rich people out there..Dave Williams, when he was alive, or Malcom Forbes, who've gotten rich, and if they were found guilty of something or other, I'd probably just shrug. Eh. I don't even think it's that she's a woman that bugs me. There are other women billionaires. Millionaires. Gloria Vanderbilt? Paloma Picasso? They made their money selling illusions just like Martha. I could care less if Paloma decided to invest in a sweat shop in Juarez--except that I don't like sweat shops.

It's *how* Martha came off, while she was selling her illusions. Rigid and controlling and white-bread perfect. Just coiffed and lipsticked and with the right string of *good* pearls over the nothing-little Chanel twinset and a pair of Daddy's riding jhodpurs. Meanwhile it's off to the kitchen, where she coats flower pots with yoghurt and moss seeds to give them that green and fuzzy look, or she makes radish and pimento and olive thingummies to freeze in ice cubes and put in your punch glass on Halloween.

I admit it. I'm shallow. I worked hard to *get* this shallow. I figure that if the roof is still on the house, the clothes are clean, the dishes are done, and you can get from place to place without breaking your neck, I'm not doing badly as a housekeeper. I've got stacks of books all over the place in my house, because I need to get bigger bookshelves, but I hate the formaldehyde smell of pressboard and the plastic just looks so sad when it sags in the middle. I have favorite shirts and underwear that aren't presentable any more but they're favorite and I love them and I won't throw them out. I'm Martha's evil twin.

And that's why I resent her. Because she is perfecter than perfect. She's the one who has a house so clean it looks like an army of shoemaker's elves came through *but she did it all herself.* She has the time to make cute, cunning little decorations for packages out of dried flowers and mouse bones. She coordinates her clothes perfectly, and she shops for bargains. She gets it all done, and she intimates that *you* could get it all done just like her if you just tried harder. If you wanted it enough. God that pushes my buttons like a cheap blender.

So, yeah, I hope she has to serve a little prison time, though I don't count on it. Not when she has the money and the time to appeal indefinitely. I want to see whether it gives her time to think or just makes her bitter and even more perfect.
  • My mom LOVES Martha. And says she sees nothing wrong with what she did. "Everyone does it!" My dad and I keep trying to explain it to her...

    "Insider trading. It's a good thing."
    • What's really really sad is she's probablz right. Your Mom, not Martha. I think Martha was indicted of being a bitch, and convicted. I still don't like her, but being a bitch shouldn't leave you with jail time.
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