Koinonia (koinonia) wrote,

Make me whole, O Lord, and I will become whole! O only wise and
merciful Physician, I beseech Thy benevolence: heal the wounds of my
soul and enlighten the eyes of my mind that I may understand my place in
Thine eternal design! And inasmuch as my heart and mind have been
disfigured, may Thy grace repair them, for it is as true salt.
What shall I say to Thee, O Knower of the heart who searchest the
heart and the inner workings of men? Indeed, Thou knowest that, like a
waterless land, my soul thirsts after Thee and my heart longs for Thee.
And Thy grace has always sated those that love Thee. Thus, as Thou hast
always heard me, so now do not scorn my prayer. For Thou seest that my
mind, like a prisoner, seeks Thee, the Only true Savior.
Send Thy grace, that it may satisfy my hunger and quench my thirst.
For insatiably do I desire Thee, O my Master! And who can have enough
of Thee if he truly loves Thee and thirsts for Thy truth?
O Giver of light! Fulfill my supplications and grant me Thy gifts
according to my prayer; impart to my heart just one drop of Thy grace,
that the flame of Thy love may begin to burn in my heart; and, like a
fire, may it consume evil thoughts like thorns and thistles!
Give me all this in abundance; grant it to me as God unto man, as
the King to His subjects, and increase it as a kind Father.

attributed to St. Ephrem the Syrian
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