Koinonia (koinonia) wrote,

An old man said, "Never have I wished to do something useful for myself
which would harm my brother, for I have the firm hope that my brother's
gain is a work full of fruit for me."

Soothing-Cooling Aftershave Gel
1/2 cup aloe vera gel
2 oz. witch hazel extract (commercial, from the drug store)
1 tsp. glycerine
5 drops chamomile e.o.
2-3 drops peppermint e.o.
Add the glycerine to the witch hazel and slowly add the e.o.'s. Mix in the
aloe gel, bottle. This is also nice for sunburn.


8 oz. vodka
1 tb. glycerine
40 drops (2 mls) essential oil or synergy
Mix well, steep 3 weeks, filter through a coffee filter, and bottle.
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